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February 10-11, 2007

*** Click on photo to enlarge ***
Byhishands Sincerely Yours
calico persian female
Malinka Diana
blue-white persian female
Wintergarden's Daddy's Dandy
singapura boy ( owner: Henny Wintershoven )
Larimyr Lovely Nefertite
blue-cream persian female
Malinka Laura
dilute calico persian girl
Malinka Lord
blue-white persian boy
Cuba Libre's Ain't Goin'Nowhere
dilute calico persian girl
Eurecat Dolce
brown patched tabby exotic girl
Mahaonland Amadey
black-white sphynx boy
Malinka Laura
dilute calico persian girl ( br/ow: Tatiana Malinina )
Dega-Bulu's Fall In Love
cream tabby-white exotic boy
( br/ow: Annet & Tonny Parinussa )
I.Samuolene with Dark Diamond Snow Queen (at left) &
A.Parinussa with Dega-Bulu's Fall In Love (middle)
S.Sklyarova with Larix's Dali
flame-lynx point himalayan boy
Whisperwood Fiery Fantasy of Yanina
flame-lynx point himalayan girl (ow: Yanina Lukashova)
Malinka Lord
blue-white persian boy

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